Blaupunkt presents our new ultra-compact foldable e-bikes.


Our Blaupunkt pedelecs Carla and Carl bikes are extremely light weight,

can be folded in seconds and feature intelligent technology.

Equipped with either 16 inch or 20 inch wheels,

our two bikes offer absolute uncompromising driving pleasure and mobility.


The Blaupunkt Carla 180 weighs 13.7 kg, including the battery-pack,

and is probably one of the lightest e-bikes in its class.

It comes equipped with an intelligent folding mechanism,

these bikes are ideal for your camping holiday.


The folding mechanism is easy to use and intuitive. 
In less than 5 seconds the bike folds away and fits into any kind

of storage compartment or trunk due to its compact size.

A carrying bag is available as optional accessory.

The power plant is the drive unit; equipped with a 36 volt, 250 watt low

maintenance brushless motor and a 7.8 AH, 280 WH Lithium Ion battery from LG.

The battery is integrated into the aluminium bicycle frame,

so that the bike is not only optimally balanced, but also looks chic.


As it has a range of 50 - 70 km, there is nothing to get in the way of your next trip.


The Carl 280 is equipped with 7-speed Shimano-gears, suspension

and disc brakes and this makes it comfortable for longer trips.

The rider can choose from five different driving modes

and this improves riding enjoyment.

The intelligent battery management system eliminates the risk of overcharge

or deep discharge so that the right amount of energy is always available.

Our LED lighting also makes sure that you keep on track even at night. 

The Blaupunkt Carl 280 and Carla 180 provide mobility always and everywhere.